Renewal Management System

You will need to create WSAPI Credentials to pass to BRINQ.
The Web Services API is used to pull agency information, updated clients, policies, contacts, and agency employees from your AMS.
You will need your Agency Number, WSAPI Username, and WSAPI Password to implement AMS360 integration.
  1. LOGO
    To Open the Web Services API Setup:
    1. Click Administration
    2. Click Web Service API Setup
    3. Click New
  2. Use the following information to create the WSAPI login credentials.
    Web Service Application: Custom
    WSAPI Login ID: brinq
    Must be at least 6 characters in length
    Maximum length allowed is 30 characters
    Passwords are case sensitive
    Must be alphanumeric characters only
    Must include at least one numeric character
    Must include at least one upper-case character
    Must include at least one lowercase character
    Data Security Based On: Entity Access Security Only
    Click "Check All" to Enable Full Access
    Click Add -> Click Save and Close
  3. To find your Agency Number follow these instructions.
    1. Click Administration
    2. Click Agency Overview
    3. Click Edit Agency
    Find your Agency Number in the Agency # field
  4. You should now have the your agency's WSAPI credentials to pass to BRINQ.